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Founded in 2012 by HIMANSHU DESWAL . COMBAT KALI INDIA is an organisation that specializes in training law enforcement ,military and civilians in Close Quarter Combat considering the deep-felt need of skills in our threat filled day to day urban lives. We are currently catering to the self-defence and all around fitness needs of individuals and groups.


COMBAT KALI INDIA derives its curriculum and skill inventory from Pekiti Tirsia kali, a battle tested system of combat from Philippines. At COMBAT KALI INDIA, we combine diverse amenities with the best training to deliver ultimate combat skills and fitness experience.


COMBAT KALI INDIA is affiliated and the sole representative of PEKITI TIRSIA KALI TACTICAL ASSOCIATION and PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION, the official umbrella organization for all PEKITI TIRSIA KALI ORGANIZATIONS, schools, instructors and representatives worldwide.


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