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TRI-COM -“TRIANGLE COMBATIVE” is the hybrid version of Tactical Pekiti Trisia Kali. TRI-COM is designed by Mr. Jared Wihongi, an active duty SWAT officer in Utah USA and CQB/CQC Instructor and chairman of Pekiti Tirsia Kali Tactical Association, TRI-COM is a product of 20 years of field experience . TRI-COM focuses on (SOS) Sole Operator Survival that works in high threat areas either alone or in small teams. This system includes edge weapon counter measures, arrest & control, CQ-knife tactics, clinch positions, hyper aggressive control tactics, retention modules etc. This system was specifically developed for counter terror units. TRI-COM has been opted by various Special Operation & SWAT Units across the globe.


  • Focuses entirely  on Close Quarter  lethal confrontation Knife /Gun/Empty Hands

  • Aggressive Fighting System based on Direct Counter Offense  ( ZERO PRESSURE )

  • Functional & Retainable

  • No Fancy Techniques

  • Teaches a operator what really works in most situations & works on Total Solution

  • Based on GROSS MOTOR & EXTREME GROSS MOTOR response for action & reaction to eliminate or control eminent threat.

  • Will teach a operator to fight with or without weapon

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